Old Building Virtual Tour


If you have QuickTime installed, you will be able to take the virtual tour of the old building using the browser image below. You will need to wait for the file to load, which can take 10 minutes or longer because of the 450 mb file size. (Or it may just start right up!) Once the file loads, you can just click your way into the school through the front door and wander the hallways one more time. You can even go into rooms or get some fresh air in the courtyards and find Thoreau's Cabin in one of them.

As some of the file will remain in your computer cache, it will load faster the second time around.

If you are having trouble, perhaps due to a slow Internet connection, you can also download the Virtual Tour. The file size is the same, which means you will still have to wait for it to load, and you will still need QuickTime.

Thank you to Dyad 2000 for this amazing software!